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Welcome to Advance Scaffolding Ltd

Welcome to Advance Scaffolding Lancashire Ltd – Leading Scaffolding Contractors and Erectors across Bolton, Lancashire and the North West.


Advance Scaffolding (Lancashire) Ltd are a family run firm since 1994. David and Carole Ashmore started the Company together 1994.

The Company has grown from a small firm into a Company employing between 45-55. In 20O4 Daniel David Ashmore son to David and Carole joined the team.  He went through intense training from part 1 and 2 tube and fitting scaffolding through to Scaffold inspection card.  He has been hands on and has continued training in many areas.  Because of his hands on approach Daniel’s knowledge of the scaffolding industry is so extensive.


In 2012 Daniel became contracts manager and supervisor.  During his time scaffolding David and Daniel Ashmore researched into Layher scaffolding and in 2014 they decided to incorporate layher scaffold into our services.

Layher scaffold is a quicker easier system and we liked the way it worked for our Company.  Daniel decided  to change  the Company from tube and fitting to Layher.


It has taken a few years to completely change over and fully train all our operative and new employees but we are now a full layher scaffolding Company. We are constantly training new young people in the layher starting in the yard and doing COTS course to the basic Layher then on to part 1 and 2 layher training. Daniel has now taken over the running of the Company with David and Carole taking a back seat but still on hand to discuss matters and decisions.


We are one of the most reputable specialist scaffolding companies in Lancashire, servicing small builders through to national construction groups. We pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient and professional service to meet all your scaffolding requirements. We pride ourselves on our reliability, health and safety policies and operative training.



Our services include:


  • Hire and erecting of Layher System scaffolding

  • Layher System Specialists

  • Access towers

  • Haki tower access

  • Event Specialists - Staging and Seating Specialists



  • Handrail specialist

  • Chutes

  • Support scaffolds

  • Specialist scaffolds



  • Roof systems

  • Free estimates and advice

  • Calculation and design

  • Scaffold inspection

For further information, give us a call on 01942 830058 or view our contact page to send us an email.

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This website highlights the Scaffolding Sales, Hire and Access Towers supplied by Advance Scaffolding Lancashire Ltd as leading Scaffolding Contractors and Erectors across Bolton, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and the North West.

The website showcases Advance Scaffolding as highly reputable specialist scaffolding contractors and erectors in Lancashire, servicing small builders through to national construction groups. key services highlighted include Hire and erecting of scaffolding, Tube and fitting, Access towers, Haki tower access, Handrail specialist, Chutes, Support scaffolds, Specialist scaffolds, Roof systems, and Scaffold inspection



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